The Energy Agency

A step towards bringing attention to energy efficiency was taken in 2006 when The Energy Agency was established in the town of Akureyri in North-Iceland. The agency is supported by EU and is fully autonomous and runned by a management board.

The main objectives of the agency:hydrogenfillingstation

  • To provide consumers and public authorities with information in the fields of energy.
  • To promote rational use of energy for space heating and place emphasis on areas where geothermal energy is limited.
  • To create and introduce an education material for schools and consumers.
  • To help small and medium sized companies and each municipality to plan strategies for facilitating energy efficiency.
  • To promote a reduction in the intensive use of fossil fuel in the transport section

The agency is runned by the management board and politically supervised by the Icelandic Government.  The five representatives of the management board are appointed by the Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, the Association of Local Authorities in Iceland, The Federation of Icelandic Energy and Water Works and finally by the Consumers Association of Iceland.

The Energy Agency's website.