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Iceland - A Leader in the use of Renewable Resources

   Energy Statistics in Iceland 2015

Poddębice Town - Geothermal energy utilization potential in Poland

Renewable energy in Romania supported by EEA grants

A small brochure displaying all the main Icelandic energy statistics, from primary energy use to electricity production. Copies are available at Orkustofnun and web version on this site.




Iceland Offshore Exloration
Published in February 2015

Iceland Offshore Exploration

Published in March 2014


Meet Iceland - a Pioneer in the Use of Renewable Resources

A 12 page brochure on renewable energy solutions in Iceland. Touches upon everything from geothermal and hydro, to alternative fuels.

geothermal developmentGeothermal Development and Research in Iceland

Orkustofnun and the ministry of industry published Geothermal Development and Research in Iceland in May 2006. Due its great success and many requests, the NEA has now published the second edition. It contains a informational summary of geothermal development, regulatory structure, end present issues with regard to geothermal energy.

oliubaeklingur---mynd-af-kapuIceland Offshore Exploration

Orkustofnun published the third edition of Iceland Offshore Exploration in February 2013.


The United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme

Orkustofnun and The United Nations University Geothermal Training Programme published this brochure in July 2012.