Two cruises by the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate on the Jan Mayen Ridge, including the Dreki Area


The Norwegian Petroleum Directorate will acquire data in two surveys on the Jan Mayen Ridge this summer. Data will be gathered inside Icelandic EEZ in the Dreki Area as a part of both surveys in cooperation with the National Energy Authority.

In the first survey, which began on 8 June and will finish by the end of the week, seismic data is acquired to study the geology of the area. The data is in addition to the existing seismic data in the area.

In the latter survey, which is planned to start on 3 July, a remotely operated vehicle will be used to collect short cores and rock samples in the slopes of sea-floor ridges. An attempt will be made to collect samples from older geological strata which are thought to outcrop in the slopes of certain areas. The research vessel G.O. Sars of the Institute of Marine Research in Bergen and the University of Bergen will be used for the survey.