10,500 multibeam sounding in the Dreki area


In June 2008 the Marine Research Institute sent the research vessel Árni Fridriksson on an 18 day expedition to the northern part of the Dreki Area.

The main tasks of the expedition were to map the area by multibeam sounding, measure some current profiles, and make maintenance visits to the ADCP current profilers and the meteorological and oceanographical buoy that were deployed in the area in November 2007.

The expedition was very successful and ca. 10,500, comprising the most interesting parts of the area with respect to petroleum resources, were mapped by multibeam sounding. In this part of the area some elongated ridges rise up to ca. 800 m water depth above the ocean floor, which lies at ca. 2,100 m water depth. The leader of the expedition was Gudrun Helgadottir and the captain was Kristjan Finnsson. See further a preliminary map on the website of the Marine Research Institute.