Iceland and U.S.A. sign bilateral agreement to develop clean geothermal energy. 


Today the United States and Iceland signed a bilateral agreement aimed at increasing the world's understanding of advanced geothermal technologies and accelerating their deployment.  The agreement was signed at the Culture House by the U.S. Ambassador to Iceland, Luis E. Arreaga, and the Icelandic Minister of Industry, Energy and Tourism, Katrín Júlíusdóttir.

The new agreement, entitled “Scientific and Technological Cooperation on Geothermal Research and Development,” was established cooperatively by the U.S. Department of Energy and Iceland's Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. It is designed to allow an exchange of researchers, joint projects, and education initiatives to accelerate advanced geothermal development and to identify key obstacles to increasing the use of this renewable energy resource.

The signing of the bilateral agreement between the U.S. and Iceland occurred during a  week of international meetings on geothermal energy held October 3-9 in Reykjavik.  Representatives from nations across the globe are focused on facilitating the development and availability of advanced, cost-effective geothermal technologies and on identifying and addressing wider issues relating to geothermal energy.