The Icelandic Minister of Energy receives an electric vehicle


The Icelandic Minister of Energy, Katrin Juliusdottir, will for the next two years be driving an electric car. The electric vehicle is a Mitsubishi i MiEV, and it is a part of a test project which results from an MoU between the Icelandic government, Hekla and Mitsubishi Corporation.

This is one of two i MiEV's that will be tested under Icelandic conditions, as a part of the government's plan of an energy transition for the Icelandic transport system.  Foreign companies have shown great interest in cooperating with Icelandic companies and the government when it comes to testing electric (and other alternative energy) vehicles. This is due to Iceland's unusual energy profile, with all of the country's electricity generated by renewable sources, and most of the space heating requirements met by geothermal water or electricity.

Only about 20% of total energy consumption in Iceland is met by imported fossil fuels, mostly for transport and the fishing fleet. That is why the Icelandic government has been focusing on sustainable transportation and will be introducing in the coming weeks a transition plan from imported fossil fuels to green energy in transportation. It is an ambitious plan with the aim of depending only on Icelandic green energy for the country's energy needs.