The NEA gives counselling regarding the development of energy intensive food industry


Hrunamannahreppur, a local authority in West Iceland, and the companies Íslensk matorka and Matís have signed a memorandum of understanding regarding deveolopment of energy intensive food industry at the town Fludir which includes using geothermal warm water for fish aquaculture.

The NEA will cooperate on this development with an advisory role.

In the press release for the signing of the MOU, it reads that geothermal utilisation and electricity is very important for business in Hrunamannahreppur. Warm water aquaculture is based on using lukewarm water and electricity, in addition special attention is paid to the sustainability and to minimising environmental effects of the production methods. Such development of energy intensive food industry rhymes well with utilisation plans of energy and geothermal, other food industry and food-linked tourism in the community.

On the order of two dozen jobs are expected to be created by the warm water aquaculture itself, with additional derived jobs created consequently.

The company Íslensk matorka (Icelandic Food Energy) specialises in energy intensive food industry for export. The goals of the company are to use Icelandic energy in environmentally sound and sustainable ways, create the basis for new export and job opportunities and strengthen innovation and development.