Orkustofnun accepts the Secretariat for REFUREC (Renewable Fuels Regulators Club)


REFUREC is an informal club and Orkustofnun received the Secretariat from Finland for the next two years at the workshop that was held in Reykjavík in middle of September

REFUREC offers a pan-European platform for discussion, information, exchange and tackling cross-border issues relating to the biofuels market in the European Union and beyond. As can be expected there is a lot going on in the field of renewable fuel and electrical vehicles in Europe. The regulators follow two Directives (RED, the Renewable Energy Directive, and FQD, the Fuel Quality Directive) which have been transposed into Icelandic law through the Act on renewable fuels in on-land transportation from 2013 and accompanying regulations, on the one side, and with a new regulation on the quality of fuels from 2016, on the other.

Governmental institutions from 31 countries are involved in REFUREC. Orkustofnun's role as new Secretariat of REFUREC will increase the visibility of Iceland in this field in Europe i.a. regarding Iceland's position on renewable energy resources.