Do you have a research idea regarding oil and gas?

The Hydrocarbon Research Fund calls for grant applications with a deadline of 6 April 2016


The Hydrocarbon Research Fund is an educational and research fund relating to hydrocarbon activities in Iceland. Oversight of the Fund is in the hands of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, but Orkustofnun is responsible for the daily administration of the Fund.

The role of the Fund is to strengthen the development of research and scientific knowledge of hydrocarbon resources on the continental shelf of Iceland, the conditions for their formation and to enhance the development of technologies that can improve performance under conditions prevailing there. This shall i.a. be done by:

1.       Awarding grants to research projects and specialised academic courses with the participation and/or support of Icelandic educational and research institutions.

2.      Awarding grants to individuals for studies in subjects connected with research into hydrocarbons and their processing.

3.       Awarding grants to specialised projects in the field of hydrocarbons, including for educational and informatory purposes.

4.      Awarding grants for research on samples and measurement data collected in connection with hydrocarbon prospecting.

5.      Awarding grants to strengthen international co-operation in projects involving the Icelandic continental shelf.

See further information in the Regulation and Procedures for the Fund.

Deadline for applications is 6 April 2016. Applications can be submitted online.

Contact regarding applications: Thorarinn Sv. Arnarson, email: thsa (at)