First grants awarded by the Hydrocarbon Research Fund


The National Energy Authority has awarded the first grants from the Hydrocarbon Research Fund, which is an educational and research fund in the field of Hydrocarbon activities in Iceland.

A call for applications was advertised in February and the deadline for applications was April 30, 2015. Three applications were received during the application period and the Board of Directors decided in June 11, 2015, to fund two projects. The Board is composed of one representative for each exploration and production licence and a state representative who is the Chairman of the Board.

The projects are “Seismic Investigation of the Central East Greenland Margin, structural tie and sediment fairway analysis to the western margin of the Jan Mayen Micro-continent” by Iceland Geosurvey (ÍSOR) and a smaller project that is called “Public opinion on oil and gas production in the Dreki Area”.

Further information on the fund is to be found here and information on supported projects here.