Hydrocarbon Research Fund - Call for grant applications


The Hydrocarbon Research Fund is an educational and research fund relating to hydrocarbon activities in Iceland. The deadline  for applications is 30 April 2015.

The role of the Fund is to strengthen the development of research and scientific knowledge of hydrocarbon resources on the continental shelf of Iceland, the conditions for their formation and to enhance the development of technologies that can improve performance under conditions prevailing there. See further information in the Regulation on the Fund.

Special focus for grants in 2015:

  • Research of sediment sequences on the Jan Mayen Ridge older than the opening of the North Atlantic

 The research may involve various methods in the fields of sediment stratigraphy, geochemisty, geophysics and geochemistry. The opening history of the North Atlantic and its effects on the geology of the study area should be kept in mind during the planning of the research.

Applications can be sent through the web here

Information on the Hydrocarbon Research Fund.