Call for Proposals: Increasing Renewable Energy Production in Romania


Funds are now available from the EEA Grants to increase Romania's share of renewable energy. The application deadline is 20 May 2014.

Orkustofnun has prepared a plan for the past two years in collaboration with the Romanian state, EEA Grants and Norway. Participants from Romanian companies, organizations and ministries are invited to Iceland in early May to prepare the applications and support future cooperation. Icelandic companies will also be invited to participate in the program and present themselves to Romanian entities. 

To strengthen the exchange of know-how and best practise the Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) and Orkustofnun will participate as programme partners.

Both organizations have long standing experience and expertise in their respective fields.

The program is equally divided between hydropower and geothermal. 50% will be for the development of district heating using geothermal energy where there is central heating supply. In Romania there are over 100 central heating utilities that utilize fossil fuels, of which a large part is utilizing imported gas. The other 50% of the funding will be for the renovation of hydropower equipment to increase their energy production from the current level. The goal structure of the EEA is to promote bilateral cooperation and to reduce social and economic inequality. Both can be achieved by building hot water supply to improve energy security, energy independence and ultimately to reduce emissions, to improve air quality and reduce consumer costs for heating.

For further information on the grant and the application process, please visit the project's website.
Information about the EEA fund is available here along with information about the program here.