Travel support for graduate students


Once again GEORG has decided to offer a support to a number of graduate students working on the topics of geothermal energy to participate in International Conferences on Geothermal. GEORG can support up to 10 students with the amount of 100.000 ISK each as a contribution to travelling costs.

The selection of students will be on competitive basis and the evaluators will look to the following issues when selecting grantees.

1. Is the project on geothermal/ within the scope of GEORG?

2. Is the student presenting his/her work at the conference?

a. A student presenting will gain much more from the meeting as well as the presentation is important for his project and presumably also for the aims of GEORG.

3. Is the project funded by GEORG?

a. If it is, does the GEORG grant already include conference costs and if so why should GEORG support this separately?

4. Students doing projects not funded by GEORG are considered

a. The general rule is however to support only students that are linked with GEORG partners.

5. Has the student been given a travel grant by GEORG before?

a. If so, students that have not been granted before
should be a priority, given that the application is of equal quality?

Please visit the the Website of GEORG for further informaion