Report on Sediment Cores from the Dreki Area.


Orkustofnun publishes a report with preliminary results on the litho- and biostratigraphy of sediment cores from the Dreki area.

In August 2010 several marine sediment cores were obtained from the Dreki and Jan Mayen Ridge area.  The bottom part of the cores was sampled for extraction and analyses of petroleum liquids, leaving the remaining top part (< 6 m) available for other research. 

In this study we focus on the sedimentological properties of the cores by using the Geotek equipment located at the University of Iceland.  Altogether, thirteen cores were scanned to measure the magnetic susceptibility and density of the sediments.  Of those, six cores were chosen - based on location and morphological settings - for detailed analyses. 

Here we present preliminary results on lithology, micropaleontology, ice rafted detritus, high-productivity intervals, potential tephra layers and core correlations.  Wealth of information lies in these cores concerning the paloenvironment and paleoceanography. 

Momentarily, the limitations lie in the age control preventing us from reconstructing these factors.  However, detailed chronology can easily be established with chemical identification of the tephra layers found in the cores, which would allow us to reconstruct the paloenvironment and better constrain the stratigraphy of the Dreki area.

Report on Sediment Cores from the Dreki Area