Lecture on MSc project


Sigríður Magnúsdóttir, MSc-student in geophysics, will give a lecture on her MSc-project on Monday, April 22 at 14:00 in Askja, room 132. The title of the project is: "Post‐glacial tectonics of the Skjálfandadjúp Basin, Tjörnes Fracture Zone, N‐Iceland".  The project was supported by Orkustofnun.

Multibeam bathymetric and high resolution seismic reflection data (Chirp) have been used to illuminate the structural framework and tectonic evolution of the 300 km2 Skjálfandadjúp basin, one of three extensional basins within the Tjörnes Fracture Zone, a complex transform offshore N-Iceland. The Skjálfandadjúp basin, along with the Nafir seamounts, forms the Nafir volcanic system, one of four volcanic systems of the Grímsey Oblique Rift. The basin is made up of normal faults with maximum displacement of 50-60 m and a dominant strike of N10-20degW. Faulting mainly takes place on three westward dipping listric normal faults in the eastern-central basin. A magnitude 5.5 earthquake occurred on one of these faults on April 2nd. Post-glacial tectonic activity commenced as early as 14-15 kyr BP, followed by four major rifting episodes at 12 ka, 11 ka, 10 ka and 3 ka. The 10-12 kyr period of enhanced tectonic activity coincided with numerous local eruptions within the TFZ, followed by more moderate tectonic and volcanic activity throughout Holocene.

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