UNU Geothermal Training Program is seeking new Managing Director. An independent committee will evaluate the qualifications of applicants.

The main tasks are:

- To organize and manage the Geothermal Training Programme in consultation with the Director General of Orkustofnun and

the school's Study Board in accordance with the agreement between Iceland and the United Nations University.

- To act as a coordinator between the UNU – Iceland and the headquarters in Tokyo and attend University Board Meetings and Meetings of Directors of the United Nations University.

- To organize and be responsible for the selection of students and partner institutions from developing countries, as well as to plan and be responsible for training and conferences held by the UNU – GTP in developing countries.

- To ensure professionalism and quality control of the work carried out on behalf of UNU - GTP, including teaching and student assignments.

- To supervise the finances and budgeting of the UNU – GTP.

The UNU-GTP was founded in May 1979 and is a part of Iceland's development assistance. Every year, a group of scientists and engineers from developing countries and Central and Eastern Europe come to Iceland and spend six months in highly specialized studies in geology. In addition, more than a dozen students are studying toward their MSc or PhD degrees in geothermal science or engineering in cooperation with the University of Iceland. The UNU – GTP also holds annual workshops in Africa and Central America. The UNU-GTP is operated as an independent unit within Orkustofnun, Iceland's National Energy Authority.

Information about the UNU-GTP can be found on the website

For further information, please contact the Director General of Orkustofnun Dr. Guðni A. Johannesson at, phone: 5696000 and Dr. Ingvar Birgir Friðleifsson, former Director General of the Geothermal Training Programme.

The headquarters of the United Nations University in Tokyo (

Qualifications: Graduate degree in science or engineering and extensive experience in research and/or production of geothermal energy. Experience in teaching at the university level. Excellent command of written and spoken English, international experience and human relations skills.

Salaries are according to agreements with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and the Union.

Applications must be sent to human resources at, Grensásvegi 9, 108 Reykjavík.

Deadline for applicationis 11 March 2013

(Unofficial translation – The Icelandic version is the official one).