Exploration and Production Licences in the Iceland Continental Shelf Portal


A data layer with information on the areas of licences for exploration and production of hydrocarbons has been added to the Iceland Continental Shelf Portal (ICSP). The Portal gives an overview of the licences and the location of miscellaneous exploration data.

The licensing-category of the Portal contains four additional data layers (under Boundaries and blocks). They show the delimitation of the agreement area between Iceland and Norway; the outer limits of the northern part of the Dreki Area, which was included in the licensing rounds; the quadrants Northeast of Iceland; and the blocks for the northern part of the Dreki Area.

The previously mentioned data layers as well as other information in the Portal, e.g. the depth maps and place names, give an overview of the licence areas. Additionally, it is possible to open data layers with information on the location of the main exploration data that is available for the Dreki Area, such as seismic, multi-beam bathymetry, wells and surface samples. All of the information in the ICSP is available in Icelandic and English.

Further information: (Iceland Continental Shelf Portal > Licensing > Licences) and Oil and Gas Exploration.