Renewable energy as a driver for economic and sustainable growth – The Icelandic Perspective


Economic growth and development of the nation into a modern community with a relatively high standard of living goes hand in hand with its exploitation of sustainable natural energy resources says Guðni A. Jóhannesson, Director General at Orkustofnun in an article published in Future Perfect.

Today the nation's electricity production is almost entirely from renewable sources – 74 per cent from hydropower and 26 per cent from geothermal power – with less than 20 per cent of total electricity production being sold to small and medium sized customers. As 90 per cent of space heating is sourced from geothermal origins and 10 per cent mostly electricity from renewable sources, the positive effect on the country's economy and trading balance is extremely significant, irrespective of any environmental benefits. With increasing oil prices it is becoming very clear that living standards are affected.

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The article can be found on page 184.