A Power Rush


Developing renewable energy as a motor for sustainable economic growth is the topic in an article by Dr. Gudni A. Johannesson Director General of Iceland's National Energy Authority.

The development of renewable energy sources in Iceland – in the form of hydropower and geothermal – has gone hand in hand with a rather steady economic growth throughout the period since the end of the World War 2 says Dr. Johannesson in an article published in Public Service Review: European Union: Issue 23.

The present government has made a declaration that its holistic energy policy will focus on the transition from imported fuels to renewable energy, and that energy from hydropower and geothermal sources will be harnessed carefully, protecting the unique features of the Icelandic geography and cultural heritage says Dr. Johannesson.  

One of our greatest challenges is the transition from imported fossil fules to renewable fuel sources for the mobile parts of our energy system – communications, fishing, transport and construction work. These sectors represent 20% of our primary energy use, for which we are still emitting CO2.

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