News: 2020

Presidents and ministers participated in the presentation of a new EEA Grants programme on Climate, Environment and Energy in Poland - 25.5.2020

A new EEA Grants programme on renewable energy, environment and climate was presented at a conference in Warsaw in Poland last March, with the participation of the presidents of Poland and Iceland, as well as ministers from Poland, Iceland and Norway. 

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UNU-GTP parts ways with UNU and joins UNESCO - 14.1.2020

On 1st of January 2020, the Geothermal Training Programme that has since 1979, been run under the United Nations University brand, parted ways with UNU and joined hands with the other three former UNU Training Programmes in Iceland (Fisheries Training Programme, Land Restoration Training Programme, and Gender Equality Studies Training Programme) to form GRÓ: the Centre for Capacity Development – Sustainable Use of Natural Resources and Societal Change. The Centre which is under the auspices of UNESCO will serve as a new umbrella over the four Programmes and the link to the United Nations.  

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