News: December 2015

Do you have a research idea regarding oil and gas? - 21.12.2015

The Hydrocarbon Research Fund is an educational and research fund relating to hydrocarbon activities in Iceland. Oversight of the Fund is in the hands of the Minister of Industry and Commerce, but Orkustofnun is responsible for the daily administration of the Fund.

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Large contribution by Iceland to savings in emission of carbon dioxide by using renewable energy - 8.12.2015

Policy making in Iceland over the past century has resulted in the savings of 350 million tons in CO2 emissions and could reach 50 million tons of CO2 in savings annually through a policy of ecological utilisation, which in six years is equivalent to the annual emissions of France, with a population of 66 million people.

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Carbon dioxide savings using geothermal instead of oil in Iceland amounts to 140 million tons over a century - 4.12.2015

Orkustofnun has evaluated the CO2 savings from using geothermal instead of oil from 1914 through 2014. The accumulated savings are 140 million tons by utilizing geothermal instead of using oil for heating and production of electricity as is widely done abroad. Two thirds of the CO2 savings are the contribution of the Icelandic district heating utilities over the past century.

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