News: 2008

Amended Rules on Foreign Exchange - 16.12.2008

The Central Bank of Iceland has issued new Rules on Foreign Exchange with the approval of the Minister of Business Affairs. Read more

Preparations for the licensing round for the Dreki Area, Northeast of Iceland, are well on the way - 3.12.2008

In accordance with decisions of the Government of Iceland, the National Energy Authority and the Ministry of Industry are preparing for the first licensing round where exclusive licenses are on offer for the exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Dreki Area.  Read more

Press release from the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and National Energy Authority after the IEC 2008 - 9.9.2008

Minister of Industry on possible oil in Dreki area: "Icelanders are utilising their right with the nation's future interests as a guide". Strong indications for some time of oil in the Dreki area, progress by leaps and bounds in oil exploration technology, a high oil price and possible economic gain are several of the main reasons that Iceland is now preparing a tender offer at the start of next year for exclusive licences for oil exploration in the Dreki area (NE of Iceland, south of the island of Jan Mayen). Read more

The Coming Electric Vehicle Revolution - Driving Sustainability Conference 2008 - 9.9.2008

The President of Iceland, Mr. Olafur Ragnar Grimsson, will inaugurate Driving Sustainability '08, an exclusive international platform for sustainable energy solutions for transport, at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica, Iceland, on September 18 & 19, 2008.

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10,500 multibeam sounding in the Dreki area - 23.7.2008

In June 2008 the Marine Research Institute sent the research vessel Árni Fridriksson on an 18 day expedition to the northern part of the Dreki Area. Read more

StatoilHydro ASA joins the Iceland Deep Drilling Project - 20.6.2008

Deep Vision, the steering committee of the Iceland Deep Drilling Project (IDDP) announces that the partners in the IDDP consortium, including a new partner, namely StatoilHydro ASA from Norway, have signed the 1st Accession Protocol to the existing contract to collaborate in deep drilling in Iceland. Read more

Iceland helps Ethiopia to explore for geothermal power - 19.5.2008

Following the signing of a bilateral relation agreement between Ethiopia and Iceland on January 2008 to explore geothermal power potential in the rift valley region, a team of experts from Reykjavik are to engage in a bilateral geothermal survey. Read more

Iceland Exploration Conference 2008 - Programme - 7.5.2008

The final programme of the 2008 Iceland Exploration Conference is official.

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Gudni A. Jóhannesson - new director general - 7.1.2008

Professor Gudni A. Jóhannesson PhD has been appointed director general at Orkustofnun, the National Energy Authority of Iceland, for the next 5 years. Read more