OS Map Collection Portal

Orkustofnun has set up a  special portal for its Map Collection which brings together information about all maps that OS has been involved in, and others that it has acquired. On the one hand, there are maps that have been produced in the course of projects carried out at Orkustofnun and its predecessor institution Raforkumálaskrifstofan, and on the other, there are maps that OS obtained from other entities both in Iceland and abroad. Those for which OS is responsible (the Energy Resource Maps and the Geological Maps) are registered separately, with scans of the maps and a search engine installed on the OS website. Metadata on the map categories at Orkustofnun may be found in the OS Geoportal and in a special portal for the OS Map Collection. Metadata on maps in the scale 1:25 000 produced and published by Orkustofnun in collaboration with other entities can also be found there.

The two series of maps produced solely by OS are the Energy Resource Maps, issued by Raforkumálaskrifstofan and the institutions that succeeded it (Orkustofnun, Landsvirkjun and Rarik) in the period 1958-1998 and the Geological Maps (covering geology and hydrological resources), which were prepared by Orkustofnun, ÍSOR and Vatnamælingar in 1972-2003. Orkustofnun's issue of maps in these categories in the scale 1:25 000 in the period 1986-2000 was part of a joint cartographical project involving Landmælingar Íslands (National Land Survey of Iceland), RALA (the Agricultural Research Institute), the Natural Science Institute, Landsvirkjun and OS.

Registration of the Energy Resource Maps and Geological Maps in a special database was completed in 2011. This contains a wealth of information relating to the maps. Linking this database to positioning data from the GIS system made it possible to show data index maps and present this in web portals. Thus, a mouse-click on a block retrieved metadata about the map, after which the user could access a scanned image of the map. Some details from the register covering the Energy Resource Maps and Geological Maps can now be accessed in searches via the OS website.

The new OS Map Collection Portal was produced in collaboration with the software consultancy Alta. The initial idea for the project grew partly from the Icelandic Energy Portal and also a project aimed at presenting information in the scale 1:25 000; however, both of these were based on older versions of software that had become out of date. The Geoportal 1:25 000 began as an experimental project based on the same approach as the Icelandic Continental Shelf Portal and OS's Icelandic Energy Portal, which in turn had developed from the Natural Science Portal (Náttúruvefsjá). The project was carried out in 2014 at Orkustofnun, where most of the data was already available.

The main objective in opening the Map Collection Portal is to ensure that all the material available in the older portals will continue to be accessible, but with far greater ease of access and via software that offers more interactive potential. Three of OS's geoportals based on the older software (the Icelandic Energy Portal, the Icelandic Continental Shelf Portal (older version) and the Geoportal 1:25 000) have now been closed. As before, it is possible, in the new Map Collection Portal, to retrieve parts of the data layers with references to the map sheet index for these map types and see information about the maps and also an image of each map. Further information and metadata are presented in the same way as they were in the older portals. One of the aims is also to show the variety of map types within the Energy Resources and Geology series, and also the various features of these maps in the scale 1:25 000. This series was the fruit of collaboration between a number of Icelandic entities in the 1980s and 1990s. The Map Collection Portal is also intended to show the results of collaboration between OS and other institutions; it also made it possible to draw attention to the importance of improved presentation of data about various types of maps (both published and unpublished) in the same portal. These different categories of data come under different legislation regarding preservation and registration; only published maps are registered in the National Library's central database (without coordinates).