Iceland Energy Portal

ierp_screenshotIceland Energy Portal (IEP) replaced the Energy Resources Data Viewer (ERDV) that published  spatial data for Iceland in fields that fall within the operational scope of Orkustofnun. The IEP project involves data from Orkustofnun that were previously published in the ERDV and the transfer of the data into a new and improved software environment for publication on the Internet. In addition, Orkustofnun intends to develop further spatial datasets covering additional fields than to date, and publish information on the datasets in the IEP.

One of the reasons for these changes was the need to upgrade the ERDV software. Furthermore, two of the partners that originally participated in the project on the ERDV, Orkustofnun's Hydrological Services, now a part of the Icelandic Meteorological Office and the Environment Agency of Iceland, stopped updating their data, preferring to publish it in the Iceland Nature Portal (INP) which was closed in 2011.


IEP uses a software solution (Flashmap) originally developed by the digital design company Gagarín for the INP. The project was initially funded by Rannís, the Icelandic Centre for Research, and then by the Icelandic Project on the Information Society and Orkustofnun. The software solution was cooperatively developed by companies and institutions over a period of several years. In the wake of the INP project, Orkustofnun had that software developed further, which was subsequently used in the Iceland Continental Shelf Portal (ICSP). This solution then became the foundation of the IEP. Design focused on creating a user-friendly environment that simplified both entering and communicating standardized information about data from diverse sources. The Portal incorporates several tools, e.g. zoom, repositioning windows, print, scale bar and latitude/longitude values of the pointer. It is also possible to reposition data layers on the list of Active Layers in order to focus on different features of interest. The Portal makes it possible to communicate various types of information on the datasets, such as metadata, general and detailed information, in which it is possible to provide links to data tables and other materials on Orkustofnun's website, as well as links to other websites. The IEP has the capability to publish information in two languages and the data is displayed in the ÍSN93 coordinate system.


IEP chiefly publishes both vector datasets and raster graphics available through web services along with general information, metadata and details on the datasets. The main data categories in the IEP are on electricity, water supply, licensing, OS maps, boreholes and geothermal. The only data from other parties is the SPOT satellite mosaic of Iceland. Orkustofnun has permission from the National Land Survey of Iceland regarding the use of the SPOT mosaic. In addition, two elevation maps have been generated for Orkustofnun by  Iceland GeoSurvey for publishing in the IEP.