Iceland Continental Shelf Portal (Landgrunnssjá)

The ICSP  is a system for the registration, maintenance and sharing of details on data for which Orkustofnun is responsible relating to Iceland's continental shelf. It grants access, via the internet, to information about data of many types regarding the continental shelf around Iceland, including licences granted by Orkustofnun, areas under study, the seabed and the findings of expeditions to the Dreki Area and other locations in Iceland's economic zone. Replacing an earlier version that was in use from 2009-2019, the portal gives easier access to information on areas that have been studied and what data on them is available, how, when and by whom it was gathered and where it can be obtained.

As the software used in the original version had become outdated in many ways and did not offer the technical features required by modern geoportals of this type, the new ICSP employs a easy-to-use software solution from the consultancy Alta. The initial map covers a large region of the North Atlantic. The menu for the types of data presented in the portal offers references to general information on the data, and how it was prepared, on the Orkustofnun website; the same applies to references to metadata on each data layer.

The ICSP provides a survey of various types of data that have been gathered in Iceland's economic zone. The data are comparable to those in the earlier version of the portal, but they are presented in a new way and with different interactive features. As in the older version, information on many types of data on the country's marine region is presented. There are five main categories of data in the new portal: placenames, boundaries and blocks, seabed data, research projects and licensing. The section on licensing will appear shortly; the aim is to integrate information from Orkustofnun's new licensing database, so making available details of all licences granted by Orkustofnun for activities in the waters around Iceland since 2008.

Information on the names of various marine areas and seabed features around Iceland is given in the ICSP, particularly to the east and north-east of the country: many of these names were given when licensing procedures were set in motion for exploration of the Dreki Area. Data layers in the portal display quadrants and the block for the north-eastern Icelandic Continental Shelf, the outline of the northern part of the Dreki Area, the block system lying within it and the Jan Mayen Agreement area . Other important types of data include various types of vector layers which provide an overview of survey data from the northern part of the Dreki Area: seismic reflection measurements and data from multibeam bathymetry, exploratory boreholes and seabed samples. At the click of a mouse, data layers are displayed showing bathymetric data in two colour-coded images.

The Orkustofnun website contains further information on seabed data, survey results and their more detailed interpretation. The intention is to make far more data available in the ICSP the coming months and years.

Seabed data and survey findings: General information 

Information on datasets published in the ICSP   

Further information on the Orkustofnun website about older projects – Landgrunnsvefsjá /ICSP (older version)