Map portal 1:25 000

(Closed November 2019)

The Iceland Energy Portal contained data layers showing the map sheet indexes of all the maps that OS has produced and published; these fall into the categories ‘Orkugrunnkort' (Energy Resource Maps) and ‘Jarðkönnunarkort' (Geological Maps). Orkustofnun's production of maps in the scale 1:25 000 in these categories in the period 1986-2000 formed part of a larger collaborative cartographic programme involving Iceland Geodetic Survey (IGS; Landmælingar Íslands), the Agricultural Research Institute/Natural Science Institute, Landsvirkjun and OS.

As the map sheet index for this category of maps were in existence at OS, it was considered an attractive idea to try to include all maps in this scale, something that had not been done previously. Permission was obtained from Gagarín for the use of the software and scans of topographic maps from IGS and vegetation maps from the Natural Science Institute. An experimental geoportal project was then set up on the OS intranet using the same software as the other two OS geoportals. As the project was done quickly by OS staff, it involved no external costs. The outcome, the Map portal 1: 25 000, was intended to show what had been achieved through collaboration between OS and other entities in the field, and also to draw attention to the importance of making information on different types of maps (published and unpublished) available via the same geoportal. Different legislation applies, according to whether they are published or not, regarding preservation and registration: only published maps are included in the National Library's central register.