Web Portals

Orkustofnun's web portals give access to the spatial data for which it is responsible. Two of the older portals originally produced by OS in collaboration with other Icelandic entities were closed in December 2011; The Energy Resources Data Viewer  and  Iceland Nature Portal.  A further three were closed in November 2019: the Icelandic Energy Portal, the Icelandic Continental Shelf Portal (older version) and the Orkustofnun Map Portal 1: 25 000 . The present web portals are therefore: the OS Geoportal (Kortasjá OS), the  Icelandic Continental Shelf Portal (new version)  and the OS Map Collection Portal .

Iceland Continental Shelf Portal (Landgrunnssjá)

The ICSP is a system for the registration, maintenance and sharing of details on data for which Orkustofnun is responsible relating to Iceland's continental shelf. It grants access, via the internet, to information about data of many types regarding the continental shelf around Iceland, including licences granted by Orkustofnun, areas under study, the seabed and the findings of expeditions to the Dreki Area and other locations in Iceland's economic zone. Replacing an earlier version that was in use from 2009-2019, the portal gives easier access to information on areas that have been studied and what data on them is available, how, when and by whom it was gathered and where it can be obtained.

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Orkustofnun - Geoportal

Orkustofnun Geoportal is a new web portal (December 2016) with the purpose of publishing information on the institute's data that was accessible in IEP, which has been replaced by the new portal. Orkustofnun Geoportal is based on software from the company Loftmyndir ehf., which has a precise air photograh of the entire country as base layer, the same as in map.is and dozens of other projects utilising that software. Information on wells are accessible in the first version of the portal, as presented in versions of datasets based on data from the OS Well Registry that are released periodically.

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OS Map Collection Portal

Orkustofnun has set up a special portal for its Map Collection which brings together information about all maps that OS has been involved in, and others that it has acquired. On the one hand, there are maps that have been produced in the course of projects carried out at Orkustofnun and its predecessor institution Raforkumálaskrifstofan, and on the other, there are maps that OS obtained from other entities both in Iceland and abroad. Those for which OS is responsible (the Energy Resource Maps and the Geologcal Maps) are registered separately, with scans of the maps and a search engine installed on the OS website. Metadata on the map categories at Orkustofnun may be found in the OS Geoportal and in a special portal for the OS Map Collection. Metadata on maps in the scale 1:25 000 produced and published by Orkustofnun in collaboration with other entities can also be found there.

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