Export of Know-how

Iceland as an active international partner in developing renewable energy

Imagen-051The Icelandic private sector has been exporting know how, particularly regarding harnessing of geothermal energy.

Geothermal energy can play a significant role in the electricity production of countries and regions rich in high-temperature fields which are associated with volcanic activity.  Capacity building and transfer of technology are key issues in the sustainable development of geothermal resources.

Icelandic emphasis in bi-lateral development assistance has therefore focused on geothermal energy and cooperation with countries who sit on unexploited geothermal resources. The objective being to assist them to develop their renewable energy resources.

In addition, several Icelandic companies make it their business to export geothermal and hydropower know-how and experience. Icelandic experts participate in geothermal projects worldwide, and have contributed to the world's best known geothermal projects.  Geothermal experts from Iceland are now at work in the United States, China, Indonesia, the Phillipines, Germany, Hungary, Djibouti, Eritrea, Nicaragua, and El Salvador to name but a few examples.