Spatial Data

Open access to spatial data depends heavily on the creation of well defined and organized spatial data sets, which can be viewed in various geoportals on the Internet. The spatial data sets of Orkustofnun can be viewed in the Iceland Continental Shelf Portal and the OS Geoportal or through information made accessible to the users in their own GIS-systems. The information on the data are also available in the Portals in the form of spatial metadata. Orkustofnun has prepared its own metadatabase for the spatial data of the Authority (old and new). Information from the metadatabase are also entered into the site for metadata, Landupplýsingagátt, that contain national-level information on spatial data sets from government agencies, municipalities and companies.

Orkustofnun has played an active role in the preparation of spatial data infrastructure in Iceland, which is a part of the INSPIRE Directive of the European Union (Infrastructure for Spatial Information in the European Community). The Directive has been transposed into Icelandic law in Act No. 44/2011. The production of GIS data at Orkustofnun is i.a. based on a data policy founded on standards and compatibility with the goal to fulfill the requirements of the INSPIRE Directive on the spatial data sets of Orkustofnun that fall under the Appendices of the Directive and are under the professional scope of Orkustofnun according to Law.