Map Collection

Categories of Map Collection

The map collection of Orkustofnun consists mainly of maps that have, on the one hand, been produced as a part of the activities of the Authority and its predecessor, the State Electric Authority (SEA), and, on the other hand, of maps that have been gathered from various parties in Iceland and abroad. The collection went unregistered for a long time, but the comprehensive digital registration of the map collection in the Map Base of Orkutofnun was initiated in 2008.
The map collection can be divided into four main categories:

  1. Energy Base Maps, produced in 1958-1998, first by the State Electric Authority, and later after the SEA was dismantled, by Orkustofnun, Landsvirkjun and Rarik (the State Electricity Power Works)
  2. Geological Maps (geological and hydrological maps), produced by Orkustofnun, Iceland GeoSurvey and the Hydrological Survey of Orkustofnun.
  3. Maps in reports and short reports of Orkustofnun.
  4. Published maps of Iceland by other Icelandic and foreign agencies and companies.

Search of the Map Collection

The Energy Base Maps and Geological Maps are maps that Orkustofnun is responsible for cataloguing and preserving on the national level. The cataloguing of the maps in the database of Orkustofnun was completed in 2011, which consisted of recording the key information on the maps. GIS shape-files for viewing in the Iceland Energy Portal were prepared by joining the information in the database with position information. Information on the Energy Base Maps, including the mapped areas, can be viewed in the OS Geoportal (In Icelandic)

Search of the map collection