Energy Data


Orkustofnun has collected a multitude of data on energy research and energy utilisation in Iceland over a long time. A large part of the data that has been prepared by Orkustofnun is available in digital form and is preserved in digital databases and/or in geographic information systems. It has been attempted to ensure that data that are acquired through public funds by Orkustofnun, or its predecessors, are clearly identifiable from proprietary data. Orkustofnun has the policy to make information on publicly funded data accessible.

Borehole Directory

Search for information in the borehole directory
The best known database of Orkustofnun is without a doubt the borehole directory, which includes information on 14 000 boreholes that have been drilled in Iceland since 1904. Selected information from the borehole directory are accessible online, in which certain information from the directory may be viewed and searched. Additionally, locations and information on the boreholes are accessible in the OS Geoportal (In Icelandic).

Data Repository

Orkustofnun gathers data on various aspects of energy issues, such as the production, import, use and price of energy and certain parts of the operation of energy facilities. In addition, Orkustofnun preserves various data on the energy resources and use in Iceland. Orkustofnun has a policy of making as much of this data publicly available as possible. Most of the data tables are updated yearly. Further information...

Spatial Data

Many types of data have been recorded in the databases of Orkustofnun over the years, in addition to data that have been placed in geographic information systems. Modifications to the role and organisation of Orkustofnun have led to the shared ownership of some of the data, or to the transfer of the ownership to other agencies through administrative decisions. The preparation of spatial data sets at Orkustofnun is on the basis of material from the databases. The data sets are made accessible in the OS Geoportal or are made accessible to users as shape files for use in their own geographic information systems. Orkustofnun keeps its own metadatabase for all information on its spatial data sets. Further information...

Map Collection

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Orkustofnun has an extensive map and drawing collections which consists, on the one hand, of maps and drawings that were produced at Orkustofnun or its predecessor, the Director of Electrical Affairs, and, on the other hand, of maps that have been acquired from various parties in Iceland and abroad. The collection consists of four main parts: Energy Base Maps, Geological Maps, maps in the reports of Orkustofnun and maps of Iceland published by others. Further information...

Drawing Collection

Search of the Drawing Collection (Icelandic)
The Drawing collection of Orkustofnun, which was recently updated and re-cataloged, encompasses over 40 000 drawings that were produced by the Drawing Department of the Director of Electrical Affairs and later Orkustofnun. Most of them are preserved as films in the archives of the institute. They have now all been scanned. Further information... (in Icelandic).