Iceland Continental Shelf Portal


The Iceland Continental Shelf Portal is a system for managing and sharing diverse information about data pertaining to the Icelandic Continental Shelf, in particular the northern Dreki Area. All data is presented online in an accessible format, and includes a block system for the licensing area, geophysical data, and metadata on surveys of the Dreki Area. One of the purposes of the Portal is to assist those seeking information on the licensing area. For example, it shows which blocks are available in the licensing round, and gives an overview of the available data;  who collected it and when, where the data is stored and how it can be accessed. Short texts provide further information about the area and the data collected to date. Exclusive licenses that will be issued exploration and production of hydrocarbons that will be issued will also be shown.


The Data
The Iceland Continental Shelf Portal is chiefly based on vector datasets that have been generated for the project through the cooperative efforts of the National Energy Authority and Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR), in addition to raster graphics available through web services. This involves layers with quadrants for the northeastern Icelandic Continental Shelf, the shape of the northern Dreki Area and its block system, as well as several layers that provide an overview of data derived from surveys of the northern Dreki Area, such as seismic reflection measurements and multibeam bathymetry. The raster data is used to provide layers that show shaded-relief colour images generated from bathymetric data. More data layers are being developed, including maps of the magnetic and gravity data, and geological structure maps. Those will be added later.

Contacts at the NEA for the Iceland Continental Shelf Portal

Þórarinn Sveinn Arnarson, thorarinn.sveinn.arnarson (at)
Þorvaldur Bragason, thorvaldur.bragason (at)
Hilmar Sigvaldason,  hs (at)
Kristinn Einarsson, ke (at)