Prospecting Licences - Application Guidelines

An application for a prospecting licence shall consist of:

  1. oryggiThe name of the applicant or applicants, if there are co-applicants, address and nationality. In the case of their being legal entities, official registration papers should accompany the application.
  2. The boundaries of the area for which a license is being sought.
  3. The purpose of obtaining a licence, including the nature and purpose of investigations.
  4. A detailed explanation of the applicant's intended activities, i.a. research methods, including the name, size, model and type of vessels, a description of research instruments, and estimated locations of measurements and/or sampling.
  5. A confirmation of payment of the application fee, in accordance with Article 30 a of Act No. 13/2001.

Orkustofnun may request information beyond that which is specified above.

An application to Orkustofnun for a prospecting licence may be in Icelandic or in English.

Applications for prospecting licences may be sent by email to thorarinn.s.arnarson (at) Please send any further inquiries regarding prospecting licences to the same email-address.