Hydrocarbon Potential - Conclusions

  • The Jan Mayen Ridge is a sliver of continental crust on the Atlantic Margin.
  • Best analogue comparison with East Greenland exploration examples and Møre Basin for the Norwegian Side.
  • Post Paleocene sedimentary rocks of sufficient thickness and age.
  • Indications of pre-opening sedimentary strata of possibly Paleozoic, Triassic-Jurrasic and maybe Cretaceous age, primarily underneath the west flank areas of the ridge.
  • Potential reservoir rocks, focus on locally shallow marine to generally marine deposits, especially submarine fans/turbidites for post Paleocene deposits, and possibly focus on limestone platform to continental deposits for the pre-opening formations.
  • Potential traps present, both structural and stratigraphic.
  • Hydrocarbon maturation is probably high if sufficient source rocks are present.