Space Heating

Over the last 60 years, there has been considerable development in the use of energy for space heating in Iceland. After the second World War, Orkustofnun and Iceland Geosurvey (and their predecessors) have carried out research and development, which has led to the use of geothermal resources for heating in the households of 89% of the population. This achievement has enabled Iceland to import less fuel, and has resulted in lower heating prices.

The relative share of energy resources used to heat households has changed since 1970. The increase in geothermal energy is clear, but after 1985 it has been relatively small. The proportion of the population using geothermal energy is, however, still increasing, and could in the long run rise from its present ratio of 89% to 92% of the population. The share of oil for heating continues to decrease and is at present at about 1%. The share of electric heating is about 10% but one third of that comes from heating plants where electricity is used to heat water for district-heating systems.